Enexon Technology Sàrl au
The Specialist in Smart Energy Resources

420, Avenue Sahl Rohne
Témara 12000 - Maroc


The Company mission is to promote the exploitation of local energy resources by leveraging on the great flexibility of innovative LNG modular solutions applied to:
(i) biological gas sources, by promoting an advanced Bio-methane circular economy 
(ii) the economic production of  brown gas and oil fields, but also small green fields in Morocco, using enhanced hydrocarbon techniques with injection of nitrogen or CO2 in order to maximise the recovery factor and well deliverability  

Leveraging on the expertise of its team and on a network of specialists, Enexon has designed a smart development approach to ensure profitability even in marginal green fields and tertiary recovery of depleted brown fields.

The Smart Development model is based on an integrated set of concepts:

  • Superior analysis skills of geological data and reservoir modelling (high quality portfolio and EHR applications)
  • Modular design with possibility to re-use Skiddable Process facilities to be redeployed to other assets
  • Availability of a commercial solution to cope with absence of Pipeline for gas distribution (micro-LNG)
  • Flexible cost structure (Opex Vs Capex)

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) from natural gas mineral source

LNG and CO2 from waste fields and bio-digestors

Enexon Technology has all the required skill set to effectively manage end-to-end the requirements of a modern O&G company.
  • Directly operates petroleum agreement licences or production concessions; or
  • Provides EPC or O&M (Operation and Maintenance) services to other oil and gas field Operators in Morocco

Enexon Technology can provide a full range of services from integrated reservoir modelling and design of traditional engineering to management of production operations of gas or oil fields, refineries and pipelines

Additionally, the company will pursue the feasibility and exploitation of natural sources of Nitrogen and CO2 to be used for both EHR or dry ice production (synergy with other group companies, i.e. GPM)

Enexon Technology has partnered with an established engineering and construction firm in order to propose Operation & Maintenance service contracts of traditional oil & gas facilities but also to design, construct and operate liquefied natural gas plants which will allow stranded minor fields to be developed without the need of expensive pipelines

Leveraging on the technical and operational capabilities of the Enexon group and of its partners, Enexon Technology can manage "Build, Own, Operate and Transfer" agreements. Investments to build the facilities will be recovered adopting the “production sharing agreement” concept, with the profit and cost oil formulas to be negotiated with the concessionaire

A second Business Line is targeting CO2 Sequestration opportunities to improve the Carbon Footprint of local industrial activities by turning the CO2 from a waste into a valuable resource.

Reducing the carbon Footprint: CO2 sequestration to turn it in valuable products

Enexon Technology was registered in June 2018 in Temara (Morocco) and is fully owned by Enexon Ventures Ltd