Glace Polaire Maroc Sàrl au

420, Avenue Sahl Rohne
Témara 12000 - Maroc


The Company mission is to Improve the Quality of Moroccan Products for national consumption and Export by:

  • producing and selling “dry ice” (solid state of CO2) from purchased liquefied Co2 to mainly industrial customers for various needs (cold food chain, fish industry, pharmaceuticals, blasting, …)
  • providing Dry Ice Blasting cleaning services

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- Food cold chain

- Fishing industry

- Pharmaceuticals

- Blasting Cleaning Services (industrial cleaning using dry ice)

- Etc ...

Dry ice is produced internally with one or more production site from “liquid CO2” and is delivered to the clients or used directly to provide blasting services

Glace Polaire Maroc has entered into a distribution agreement with Aquila Triventek, a leading dry ice equipment manufacturer. Equipment may also be sold or rented to customers who wish to manage internally the blasting services

The Company was registered in June 2018 in Temara (Morocco) and is fully owned by Enexon Ventures Ltd